Dumitru Icodin – interview by Ana-Maria Dumitriu

It’s a pleasure for me to paint, especially in front the beautiful romanian landscape. Some works are painted from the very same corner in the country. This has been done previously, by great painters such Cezanne who painted “The Mountain from the Back Yard” 10 times and each time he saw it differently. Anyways, I try not to be emprisoned by the same genre, in order not to limit myself.

Augustin Macarie

Dumitru Icodin is an even tempered person, in love with the harmony of things and convinced adherent of the classical painting.
The final choice for his artistic personality is the traditional painting where the classical rigour meets the enthusiasm and the respect of the truth in the reality. To quote the poet Nichita Stanescu, we could say that Dumitru Icodin is painting “in the sweet classical style…

Augustin Macarie

Dumitru Icodin is, by all means, a great Nature lover. Artists allover the world are in love with Nature. Romaian artists, still, sing it and obey it, in complete fusion with it because to our people, the human-nature relationship is the essential part of our soul.
A representative theme collection is formed by flowers (poppies, cârciumăresele, lilies, peonies, etc.). They are put into glazed clay pots.
For sure, master Dumitru Icodin proves to be the poet-painter of the flowers, and he is very sensible.

Otilia Ostrotki

“His painting is densely and hard colored covering all the spectre from the sunny yellow-orange, through sunset reds and crude blue right to the green and brick color. He offers the people regarding his painting a feeling of certainty, self-confidence and life confidence. Both peaceful and stormy, Icodin’s paintings invite you to reflection

Dragos Ciobanu

Dumitru Icodin is for sure a real master of pen, and he uses it not only in a simphonic way, covering wide colouring surfaces but also in Pagannini’s way, bringing us explosions of a virtual world, through fine lines and eventually an indefinitely fine smell. One must remark the plumb of his pen that transposes us to a quasi-ideal, almost 4-Dimensional space.

The fine artist has a “pineal eye”, that allows him to promote and lay out the natural landscape in his own, unmistakeable way. We may say, without question, that the artist is a native, grown up talent that offers us an immense complex exhibition. The virtue of his pen is happily melted with an original if not unique sense of colours.
by Dragos Ciobanu
His colour gamma is made up from alternate tones, well thought within the idea of a work of great sensibility. His touches are alternatively dynamic and passive – reflecting the intimate feelings of the artist. We must evidentiate the grace of his lines. The artis stands out as a very talented drawer and also as an excellent and generous colourist.
by Dragos Ciobanu

The harmony and well-balance of the paintings by Dumitru Icodin bring a new breath to our romainian artists community. The author is and, we hope, will still be a sensitive finder of new and original ways of artistic and esthetic expression.
by Dragos Ciobanu